Wittmann Robots and Periferials
Robots for the plastics processing industry
WITTMANN is offering an entire range of robots for the flexible automation of injection molding machines – from small models, up to machines with very large clamping forces.
  • Granulators
  • Gravimetric blenders, volumetric dosing
  • Water flow and temperature controllers, cooling units
  • Conveying units, controls and accessories for the plastics industry
  • Material dryers and drying hoppers

Wittmann Battenfeld Injection Moulding Machines
WITTMANN BATTENFELD injection molding technology. The modern and comprehensive range of machinery in a modular design meets the actual and future requirements of the market, taking into consideration the best utilization of the applied energy.
  • Electrical machines, EcoPower 55-300T
  • Servo-hydraulic SmartPower 25-400T
  • MacroPower 400-2000T
  • MicroPower 5-15T
  • Vertical Vpower 120-160T
  • Multi-component 60-2000T
  • Medical 5-350T

Alpha Ionstatex Cleanroom
and Certification

Alpha Ionstatex offers you customized over-all solutions on the field of cleanroom technology – starting with the development and realization up to the qualification and maintenance
  • Clean Air Area CAA, According GMP and ISO 14644, Clean Air Area economy CAAeco
  • Clean Air Module CAM, With integrated Air-Ionisation
  • Precision Air Conditioning. Climatic Simulation, Room in Room Solutions
  • HVAC-Systems, Air Intake and Exhaust Systems
  • Hyperbaric chamber CAApa. Individual stainless steel work

Moog og Moog-Buhl
Valves and control systems for injection molding and blow molding
  • For updating your blow molding machines
  • Service and repair of Moog and Moog-Buhl automatic

RReifenhäuser Reiloy Barrels and screws Extruders
The worldwide leading manufacturer of highly wear-resistant barrels and screws for injection moulding and extrusion
  • Screws with armoured flights
    diameter 40 mm - 350 mm -Length max. 9000 mm
  • Through-hardened screws
    diameter: 14 mm - 70 mm - Length: max. 2500 mm
  • Screw design:
    3-zone screws, multi-start screws, barrier screws, vented screws, twin-screws
  • Barrels:
    Blank barrel, Semi-finished and Finished barrel
  • Twin barrels:
    wear protection exactly where it is needed in your production process

Erema recycling
Plastic recycling systems. For productive cycles you need smooth running loops. EREMA makes plastics recycling efficient and profitable.
  • For Thermoplastic – Intarema
  • High Performance - INTAREMA TVEplus
  • PET extrudering – VACUREMA
  • Fully automatic recycling system for edge trim
  • Melt filters and Pelletising

ASS-Maschinenbau End-of-Arm-Tooling
Gripper Components, Robot Hands / End-of-Arm-Tooling and Automation Systems. The Original ASS Robot Hand Kit (EOAT) from Germany. Custom made robotics.
  • More than 1,500 gripper components. Grippers, vacuum cups, profiles and special gripper components
  • Quick change systems.
  • On-line catalog

Tosaf Color Service Masterbatch
Color Service – a part of Tosaf group
Special effects – from metallic to shimmer, all the way to glow effects The inclusion of additives, the creation of combination batches and the use of the most varied types of polymers is possible.
And storage - one Masterbatch for diverse applications.
  • Universal MB
  • Standard MB
  • PE master Batch
  • Polymer specific MB
  • Additive- and combi-MB

NDC-Beta LaserMike, Precision End-to-End Process
Precisely and reliably measure and control with inteligent laser and ultrasound. Additionally they offer Climat-Cells.
  • Diameter and Ovality, Eccentricity and Wall Thickness
  • Length & Speed, Lay Length, Capacitance
  • Lump and Neckdown Detection

Lindner Shredder, separators and material cleaning
Lindner washTech. The system components. Recycling as a smooth process chain: this is the idea behind Lindner standard-setting system concepts. They provide solutions with shredding technology as well as washing and processing systems
  • Powerful shredder designed for low energy consumption and high efficiency. Large program in stationary shredders for any purpose, i.e. the Micromat
  • Mobile shredder

ECON Pelletizing and pyrolysis
ECON has been THE underwater pelletizing specialist for over 15 years
  • Underwater Pelletizing system, Vibration Drying System.
  • Air Pelletizer, Pellet Dryer, Screen Changer.
  • pyrolysis furnace. Cleaning of tools, screws, filters etc.

Conveyor technology with unlimited flexibility. Regardless of whether you need a straight profile, an angled profile or other variants of conveyor, it is possible with SCHUMA profile-conveyors.
  • Sorting and separation. Different separation techniques and dimensions are available at SCHUMA in order to achieve an ideal separation result.
  • Stacking, Buffering and Distributing
    With the forklifts or turning and collecting tables from our production runs the goods handling smoothly

Reifenhäuser Blown Film, Cast film and extruders
One of the globally leading providers of extrusion lines for manufacturing blown film, cast films, polishing sheets and extrusion coatings lines
  • Blowfilm lines. 3- to 12-layer blown film lines and echnical films with barrier properties for food packaging to agricultural
  • Cast film lines. sheet extrusion lines, extrusion coating lines and extruders
  • Stand-alone extruders. Single-screw extruders, Twin-screw extruders
  • Reifenhäuser Blown Film Polyrema. Mono- to 11-layer blown film lines, small coextrusion lines and upgrades.

TRIPLE R Oil filtering systems
Triple R bypass oil filters perform total oil purification by removing solid particles, sludge, varnish and water from all industrial oil types. Filter inserts -The original and still the best
  • Standard filters without pump. 10-50 bar.
  • Filters with bypass pump
  • Filters for diesel and bio-fuel
  • Filters for marine applications
  • Off-line water removing device

”Lorandi Silos
Lorandi has been working with stainless steel since 1952, originally with wine tanks, then containers for the chemical industry, then machinery for the food and the chemical industries, and more recently silos for bulk powders and granules.
  • FILM and light material silos, Mixers.
  • Large capacity silos
  • Bioplastic and Recycling plants


Wittmann Battenfeld præsentationsvideo

Se produktfilm
Innovations 2/2020
Wittmann's artikelserie om snekker - part 2
...og ny generation af Flowkontrol-serierne 110 og 310

Nyt online ASS katalog

Indeholder alle de mange nyheder til btging af gribere
Erema recycling news

Ideer.. til din performance i den cirkulære økonomi.
Wittmann Battenfeld og Zeroplast - cirkulær økonomi

Et spændende samarbejde, hvor det bio-baserede naturmateriale opfylder alle industrielle kunders krav.

En ny innovativ option til Wittmann R9 styringen giver operatøren fuld bevægelslsesfrihed.
Ny WX138 robot i fundamentalt nyt design

Den stive X-akse med indbygget forsejlet drev reducerer de bevægelige belastninger med 30%.
TEMIone - en fuld MES løsning for en enkelt sprøjtemaskine

Sammen med ICE-flex tilbyder Battenfeld en "klar til brug" low cost en-maskine MES løsning.
K-2019 Så du nyhederne?

Ny Sonic High Speed Serie

Oplev Wittmanns ny robot-serie på K-2019
Innovations 4/2019
Wittmann på K-2019

Nyhed: VPower med Combimould

Wittmann Battenfeld præsenterer for første gang Combimould versionen af deres nye vertikale maskinserie.
Wittmann Inline-Recycling-Celle

Wmed indløbsrobot, kværn og transportør – mange variationsmuligheder for sortering, granulering og målrettet levering til produktionsprocessen
Erema recycling: Refresher = højeffektiv anti-lugt teknologi præsenteres på K-2019

PCR-HDPE produceret med EREMA-teknologi er velegnet til mademballage fremstillet med op til 100 procent genbrug.
Ultra tynd folie og laminering

Verdensnyhed! "EVO Ultra Flat forbedrer "glatheden" på laminering og barriere film med op til 40% og reducerer "sagging" (nedbøjning) med 90%

ASS nålegriber NGR 12DL i ekstra let polyamid

Til håndtering af bøjelige materialer som tekstiler, thermoplastiske CFK kompositter, og lette materialer, som feks stoffer


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